How To Start Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

How To Start Living A Minimalist Lifestyle

Why minimalism? Why do you throw things away? How did you start living as a minimalist? Okay, let’s start in order.

Hello everyone, I’m back. Today we will discuss why minimalist is the best way of life and how I got rid of cravings for things and meaningless purchases. Such a way of life is actively used in the US and Europe. However, you should not take minimalist as an ideology and blindly follow it. Try to slightly alter it for yourself, your aspirations and habits.

After all, minimalism should simplify and organize your life, and not make it more difficult if it’s hard for you to give up something.

How did I start living as a minimalist?

For the first time I was introduced to minimalism by my friend  Ben  Brist , about 7 years ago. We met through an exchange program. Now  Ben  lives and studies in America, he is a future specialist in foreign economic activity, and, according to compatibility, an active volunteer and a player of the university team.

We can say that we simultaneously decided to change our lives and educate ourselves as organized and effective people.

Modern minimalist does not consist in just getting rid of unnecessary clothes and things, although I started with this:

  1. I got rid of old clothes;
  2. Completely freed the space of the apartment from old, broken or annoyed things. (My list of what I threw out was more than 200 points);
  3. I taught myself to maintain the perfect order in the apartment, on the computer, the desk and the bag. By the way, it’s much easier to do when you do not have to clean and rearrange a lot of incomprehensible things.

The basic rule of minimalism: if a thing does not bring you pleasure and has lost practical value (become useless garbage), then safely get rid of the trash.

If a thing or clothes reminds of bad things and does not bring joy, get rid of it.

Yes. It will be hard. For three years I did not dare to throw out my school diaries, which, in principle, did not lead me. Seriously, in the diary of all the interesting moments only the teacher’s signature that she was late for the lesson.  As a conclusion, it is most difficult to abandon sentimental things: children’s toys, clothes, postcards and letters.

Planning and organization, and where is minimalism?

After external laxity and ordering, I advise you right away to organize yourself, life and important affairs. Perhaps you can help in this diary. For the enthusiastic and creative natures the Bullet Journal system is suitable  .

In it, I set goals for myself for the coming year, which I quickly eliminated from excitement and desire to delete in the first 6 months 🙂

Then, you need …

Clear the living space

As soon as a person gets rid of material excesses – old clothes, broken equipment, etc., he realizes that minimalism in clothes or house organization will not solve problems. Therefore, it is necessary not only to clean the house, but also your life.

Life in the style of minimalism is not a limitation of oneself in purchases, but an awareness of the value of life and time.

By this stage, I came about a year after the release, when I realized that life is in place, sort of like in “Groundhog Day”. Therefore, I decided to radically change the situation, the city and specialization. And also refused:

  • Empty conversations on the phone;
  • Unnecessary relationships or acquaintances who pull down and impose the thinking of poverty;
  • A list of cases, books, films that you need to see or read, but your hands never reached;
  • Hanging up in social networks and watching the life of celebrities.

I could enumerate more: endless volunteer meetings, many responsibilities of the group’s head, who took up time, but did not bring any benefits, except for a small increase in scholarships, etc.

My life principle  – everything in your life must have value and value, and what is not that, should disappear.

You do not need to be scattered over trifles or in pursuit of ghostly happiness, which in fact is not your story, but an all-encompassing story from the film.

Half of my friends are minimalist

And by the way, two-thirds of them are good men. I do not know how it happened, with the realization of the value of things your environment begins to change. And if earlier it could be “secular” lionesses chasing after riches, now I was surrounded by creative people, keen on their hobby.

A lot of stories of great people of our time testify that they have chosen minimalist as a way of life. Remember the most popular and richest  Steve Jobs  and  Mark Zuckerberg , not obsessed with trivialities.  

They chose minimalist and simplicity as a way of life is not accidental. Imagine HOW many decisions they had to take a day, and how many plans and ideas to think about. And what would have happened if they had spent part of their time choosing clothes, long telephone conversations or searching for the necessary things in the slums of a home “very necessary” junk.

Wardrobe is still packed, but at least organized

Would you know how often my favorite jokes about the fact that I’m blogging about minimalism, and at most 5 suitcases (well, or seven), and then only summer.

What can I say in my defense? I am a woman, I have a craving for aesthetics, it is important for me to be beautiful next to my man, to supplement it. A favorite version of the guys “pants, pants and a pair of T-shirts” is not about me.

However, I still managed to:

  1. Organize a wardrobe and storage of seasonal items;
  2. I taught myself to get rid of my clothes every season;
  3. I learned the principle:  quality is better than quantity . And now I’d better pay a triple-price for a thing that will last me long, than buy a huge number of blouses of poor quality.
  4. Part of clothes or cosmetics, I stopped buying, the good I have instagram and the opportunity to advertise the goods of the nearest cosmetics stores 🙂

Therefore, I’m not afraid to say that I live in the style of minimalism. Yes, I can afford to buy a little more clothes, but I know where and how it will be stored. In addition, thanks to the “333 things” project, I collected a capsule wardrobe and now it takes much less time to select sets.

Take for the rule: when you buy a new thing, get rid of one old one.

Therefore, do not be afraid to give up the irrational purchase of things and clothes, because they will be replaced by new emotions, impressions.  Replace the pleasure of acquiring aesthetic and cultural activities, travel, self-development, etc.

Life in a big house requires more organization

My life in the style of minimalism did not start with an easy note. When I decided to organize the space around myself and organize the storage of things, I lived in a tiny apartment with a neighbor. And yes, I could organize them and get rid of the rubbish, but they were replaced by new things.

Subsequently, I coped with this and … Moved to a two-story cottage. And you know what I understood:

The larger the house in which you live, the faster it clutters with the various “necessary” junk and the more difficult it is to organize it.

But about the organization of things in the cottage, I’ll tell you a little later.

Conscious consumption

If you look at my bookmarks, then you will see a lot of clothing and perfume shops, well, such giants as  Amazon ,  Ebay ,  Ozon .

One way to save money is to buy things in online stores using a discount coupon and keshbekov.For example, I use the system  LetyShops.

The basic principles of acquiring things that I acquired for life in the style of minimalism:

  1. Quality is more important than quantity and value;
  2. Before you buy a new thing, you need to get rid of the old one;
  3. Buy only what is needed, and go to stores only with a list of purchases;
  4. Buy clothes, books and other products in online stores to save time and money;
  5. If clothes, then only from natural materials (excluding fur and skin), and if cosmetics, then try to buy  organic  – from natural ingredients;
  6. I will NEVER save on my nutrition, rest or health, because this is the most valuable thing that we have.

Now I combine minimalism, quality and awareness into one concept that does not consist in just throwing things away.

Control of income and expenses

One of the main issues of minimalism is finance. I have often heard that it’s easy to give up excess business and throw away old things if you have money. So guys, I have money, because I’m not afraid to lose them, because I know that I can earn them and buy everything I want.

Preservation of things on a “rainy day” sets up the fact that this day will come.

Here explain to me, why store various plastic containers from under the sushi, meat trays, etc., which simply clutter the kitchen. In stores, they cost a penny, and on the farm it is not necessary to have 50 containers of all sizes.

Okay, I’m a bit off topic. Once you decide to start life in a minimalist style, then start by studying the financial state and monthly spending. To write expenses for the day you need only 5 minutes, but at the end of the month you can answer yourself to the question, where the money goes, and you will see all the small expenses that you could avoid:

  • Purchase of fast food, shawarma, etc .;
  • Coffee and sweets from the machine;
  • Tasty on the run, etc.

In addition, many things are not worse if they are bought with hands at a lower cost. It’s about laptops, outerwear, sports equipment and more.

The results of life in the style of minimalism

  • There was time for a hobby, blogging;
  • I found at once 3 passive sources of income;
  • Relations in the family were strengthened and strengthened;
  • I learned to follow deadlines and submit articles on time;
  • I switched to proper nutrition and found time for daily sport;
  • I began to spend much less 🙂
  • To clean the apartment and keep order is now easier;
  • I do not try to compare myself with anyone any more, my competitor is a real competitor. And tomorrow I need to win and outrun myself.

Finally …

I know that most of my readers come to the site for the organization of the house, so I gathered a small list of tips for those who liked the minimalism in the apartment:

  • Remove from the wardrobe things that were not worn for a year;
  • Sell unnecessary things on  Avito  or Julia;
  • Do not store things in sight; the apartment should have as many free surfaces as possible, which will facilitate cleaning and make the room visually larger and lighter;
  • Dirty clothes are sent to the laundry basket, and return items to the places immediately, as you used them;

I live in the spirit of minimalism for five years and all that I wrote my personal opinion. It may differ from other points of view, but in one they all look alike. Important intangible values – relationships, family, health.

So do not be afraid to give up different forms of littering – so you open the way for new things and achievements.

Would you be able to become a minimalist? What would be more difficult for you to give up?


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