Feng Shui Basics and Rules

Feng Shui Basics and Rules

One of the basic rules of Feng Shui is: “Before anything new comes, something old must go.” Clearing our space of everything unnecessary, we give the universe a signal that we want changes. In the vacant place will necessarily come something new. By clearing old things, you release a huge amount of energy.

The Basic Feng Shui Rules for Rooms

If you want positive changes in your life, then you need to release their place, namely:

1. Workspace

What is necessary for effective work? Complete concentration! How can this be achieved? Only removing, all the annoying factors. Choose your usual desktop without fancy finishing. You do not need these huge shelves, of which there are countless numbers. All that you need on the table: a laptop, a desk lamp, a pen, a pencil, a notebook. Personally, my space is organized in this way, well, and still a favorite mug at hand. Although my work is related to bookkeeping and permanent paper debris, as it was before, I now try to translate all the information I need into an electronic medium. This saves time and place. In such a workplace it is easier to concentrate and the efficiency of work will increase at times.

2. The bedroom

Cabinet / Chest: leave only those things that you adore. No seriously! Remember how you feel in your favorite clothes? Confidently, it’s comfortable, as if some kind of sunlight comes from you. What prevents you from feeling this way every day? After all, life is so short to deny yourself this pleasure. Yes, I understand, I do not always want to dress up. Let it be a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. But it will be the most favorite jeans that perfectly fit on you, I guarantee that the mood will change for the better. Get rid of all the leaky socks sewn more than once. And also stretched pantyhose, which under the pants still no one will see. After all, putting them on, you are experiencing negative emotions, and this is immediately imprinted on your emotional state. It is quite another matter,

A bed: a large, spacious bed with a comfortable mattress is something you can not economize on. Next to a couple of nightstands with lamps and that’s enough. In the age of information technologies people are as close as possible and at the same time are far from each other. Try not to bring gadgets to your bedroom. And I’m also against TV in the bedroom. I believe that quality rest is possible only if you are not annoyed by extraneous noise. In addition, it’s a great chance to spend time with your partner, without being distracted by anything.

3. Living room

It all depends on how you used to relax. For one, it’s a relaxation: a fireplace (albeit not a real one), a pair of rocking chairs, a bookcase and the smell of wood and books that envelops the whole room. On the floor is always a soft carpet, which gives maximum coziness.

For the second: a huge TV with a game console and a comfortable sofa, where he could meet with his big company of friends for watching the next match or playing the console.

For the third: active rest or any hobbies. Either a tennis table, perhaps table football, an easel, a sewing machine, etc. It all depends on personal preferences and hobbies.

4. Kitchen

I am a supporter of white and simple dishes without any excesses and patterns. White dishes pleases the eye and makes food more appetizing. To list how many plates and spoons you should have is meaningless, because we all have different ways of living. There is an individual approach. Someone lives together, someone often invites guests. Here, start from your personal needs. The only thing I can add: do not make the table all sorts of unnecessary objects and trinkets. Spread out the medicines on the countertops and collect the dishes on them. It terribly disfigures the kitchen and immediately spoils the impression of the room.

5. Bathroom

To be honest, I do not see the point in endless flacons. All this is correctly embedded advertising into the mind of the consumer. What do all women want? That’s right, be beautiful. And they are ready to spend unimaginable sums on what is supposed to help them reach the ideal, imposed by advertising. We were intimidated by the fact that if we do not have a cream: for the face, for the body, for the eyelids, for the hands, etc., then we will cover with terrible wrinkles, but is it true?

In my youth, I bought a huge amount of cosmetics: creams, lotions, scrubs, masks, balms, and this is only the outgoing cosmetics. Even if all this is of the lowest quality, then still it will turn out a round sum. With age, I realized that many drugs, 98% more precisely, are just a placebo. To stay young and beautiful enough to completely abandon bad habits (smoking, alcohol, even a glass of wine and even more so drugs), eat right (say no: sweet, fat and fried, try to eat more vegetables and fruits and drink enough water), play sports (it is advisable to find the kind of sport that you like, then there will be more benefits) and find a good beautician (many neglect this point, but do not consider the fact, that all serums and lotions act only on the surface of the skin and should be abandoned and skin problems returned). The cosmetologist will help you to choose procedures that will work deeper and eliminate the problem. Of course, all this will cost more, at first, but in the long run it will pay off. And the result will be seen, unlike the endless bottles that you put on your face, most likely only aggravating your skin problems.


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