7 Reasons Why You Should Do Squats Every Day

7 Reasons Why You Should Do Squats Every Day

Do you think that in order to lose weight and maintain a good physical shape, be sure to spend at least a couple of hours a day in the gym and then squeeze the sweatshirt from sweat? No, even “banal” exercises become assistants in sports training. Squats – that’s what you need! Someone will say that it’s not interesting to squat and there is no benefit from the exercises. But this is the basis of almost every sports program. Begin crouching every day, do not ignore the old as the world exercise. Think about the benefits that you get a bonus.

Different muscle groups work

Squats are basic physical exercises that act immediately on several muscle groups. Thought that in this way you can “pump up” only the legs and buttocks? You are mistaken! This is a comprehensive training, useful for strengthening the muscles of the whole body.
Squatting, you make not only the muscles of the buttocks and hips work. Do not forget about the load that falls on caviar, lower back, press, upper back and even neck. Try it yourself – to stand in a standing position from a deep squat, the whole body “works”. Therefore, even if the goal of your arrival in the gym became a press “cubes”, do not forget about the good old sit-ups. Be sure to include them in the warm-up before the main workouts – simply and effectively.

Squats on one leg

This kind of sit-ups will help level out the “imbalance” when one leg is weaker than the other. A common case.

Correctly stand up – the back is straightened, the arms are in front, the legs are placed at the width of the shoulders. Bend one leg and take it back. Now start crouching. Lower the case down as far as possible. Then straighten up and repeat several more times the exercise, using the other leg. To the leg that is bent, try not to lower it to the horizontal surface between the taps – only so the maximum load will fall on the “right” muscles.

Squats differ:

  • The type of burdens – barbells, dumbbells, simulators, balls, Bulgarian bags and dozens of others.
  • Arrangement of weights – on the back, on the chest, in the hands, on the belt and other options.
  • Technique of execution – with different setting of the feet, the slope of the hull, speed, amplitude of performance, etc.
  • A different realization in the number of approaches and repetitions.

As you can see, the variety of variations is enormous. You can always try a new type of sit-ups. Nevertheless, there are general dogmas in observing the technique of squats. They are based on security.

Not allowed:

  • “Rounding” the back,
  • tearing the soles of the feet off the floor,
  • use of inadequate loads,
  • Exercise “through pain”, if you feel unwell.


  • Keep your feet in line with your knees,
  • look in front of you or lift your chin slightly,
  • make a breath at the moment of squatting, and exhale – when there is a movement up.

It is also very important to have a general warm-up before starting the exercises.

Effective weight loss

So, crouching, you make many groups of muscles work actively. And the more muscles are in the tone, the faster you lose weight. Therefore, if you go to the gym with the goal of losing weight , in a complex exercise program should certainly be present and squats.

It is especially important for girls who want to lose weight fast without exhausting themselves with many hours of training in the gym before the seventh sweat. Need to sweat your legs and make your stomach flat? Forward squat!

The squating gun

At maximum “pumping” the legs will help the squat-pistol, when the free leg is parallel to the floor. Exercise is quite complicated, but the results will please you.

The back is straightened, legs are apart, hands in front of him. Pull one leg forward. Try to move so that it is in a position strictly parallel to the hands and the horizontal surface. Begin crouching, do not rush. At the lowest possible position, the hips should touch the heel of the foot on which they squat, and the second leg should be a couple of centimeters from the floor without touching it. The most difficult thing is to straighten up without falling.

Beautiful posture

It does not matter whether you squat with weighting or without, on the lower back, the upper back and neck are also loaded. But these muscles are responsible for a smooth, beautiful posture .

Do squats, watch the position of the back. It should be as flat as possible, otherwise no positive result can be achieved.

Squats in pose of the eagle

Diversify your home workouts with squats in the eagle’s pose.

Back straight, legs together. The left leg bend in the knee and try to clasp her right (behind the shin foot). Is it too difficult for you? Then just put the hip of one leg on the thigh of the other – as if sat down to rest on a chair. Bend your hands in front of you in the elbows, palms into the castle. Slowly do sit-ups.

Prevention of sports injuries

What causes many sports injuries? All due to strong physical exertion, which can not withstand weak ligaments and joints , poorly developed muscles of the back and legs.

To prevent injuries, and this is true for both beginners and professional athletes, it will not hurt to actively train the muscles of the lower body. With this task just the most ordinary sit-ups cope. The mobility of the joints improves, the knees, ankles, muscles of the legs and back work in a single mode, like one team. Uniform distribution of load helps to improve athletic endurance and becomes a good prevention of “professional” injuries.

Squats on a chair

Do not rush into the chair. You will not need it at all.

Stand up straight, put the feet together, hands up. Now, squat, pulling the pelvis slightly backwards – imagine sitting on a chair. When the hips are parallel to the horizontal surface, briefly stay in this position, and then you can unbend and get up in the starting position. Crouching “on a chair” you can, having risen on socks.

Faster than all, above all

Squatting, you develop the force of extension of the hip, which means it will be easier to push off the ground in the course of the jump. You actively “work out” the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, and thus increase your endurance and will be able to run for longer distances, not “exhaling”.

Squats, as an integral part of the basic training program, will help improve overall sports performance. You will start to run faster and faster, jump higher. Universal exercises for professional athletes who are engaged in playing sports, high jump, jogging.

Sumo squats

Doing an exercise is easy. Great for beginners.

Stand up straight – pull the hips back, spread your legs, turn the toes of the feet outward. Crouch down. In the lower position, the knees should be straight bent. Tramerate in this position for a short while and strain the gluteus muscles. Then straighten up.

This kind of sit-ups can be done by getting on your toes.

Flexibility and coordination

Squats make you more flexible. The load is evenly distributed over the joints, they are in operation. Regularly doing the simplest exercises, you stop “crunching” the joints, it is only to bend over to the floor behind the fallen object or stand up from the chair.

Squats are the more effective the higher the amplitude of the hips movement when performing exercises.

Squats “Plie”

Exercises will improve the stretching.

The initial position – the back is straightened, the toes apart, the heels together. Start squatting – do not remove the hips, the back is perfectly straight, hands along the body, tear off the heels from the horizontal surface at the bottom point. Crouch as much as possible. Then straighten up.

Anytime, anywhere

Squats are the simplest exercises. You can even organize a full-time workout at home – no spending on season tickets, personal trainers and simulators. All you need is a desire!

Crouch with your own weight or with weighting (dumb-bell in hand, a small weight bar on your shoulders). As an additional “inventory” use a chair. Alternate the techniques of squats – there are a lot of them. Homework will definitely not be boring!

In a succession of endless domestic chores, a free minute emerged? Spend it with benefit for the body – do a few sit-ups! On the beach, during a morning jog or commercial break while watching a movie at home – do it anywhere.

Squatting with a twist

Doing such exercises, you better “pump” the press.

Stand in the standard position for squats. Start doing regular squats. And when you straighten, bend your left leg, reach the elbow of the right hand to the elbow. Repeat with the other leg.


Despite the use of squats, before starting intensive training, it will not hurt to consult a doctor and find out what loads are possible in your case. Squats are contraindicated in people who have recently undergone trauma, with diagnosed diseases of the joints of the legs, back (scoliosis, sciatica), high blood pressure. And to make squats really effective, do the exercises correctly. Even such simple sports activities require the observance of certain techniques!


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