Home Art That Attract Positive Energy

Home Art That Attract Positive Energy

The paintings are called “fast Feng Shui” (or “fast balance”). With the help of images it is easiest to normalize the energy in the house, balance it so that it does not stop anywhere, does not stagnate.

The house is the second body of a person, and everything in it should be arranged harmoniously. And the paintings that you choose for your home can greatly affect what kind of energy will prevail. Especially carefully you need to approach the choice of images for the bedroom and kitchen. In places where we sleep and eat, everything should be charged with positive energy.

Feng Shui Paintings for Home Art That Attract Positive Energy

Feng Shui specialist tells about the basic rules that you need to know in order for the images in the house to be beneficial and not harm life and well-being.

Do not split the whole image

Now it is very fashionable to share a drawing – to make, for example, a triptych. In no case should you do this. A triptych is permissible if these are three finished images united by one theme. It is extremely undesirable to break a single picture into pieces. For example, a branch of a blossoming sakura is a positive and good image, but if it is cut into three parts, harmony is lost.

What should not be at the head of the bed?

The most careful way is to choose the paintings and images that hang over the bed. In a dream, you are absolutely relaxed, all the images and symbols penetrate you, bringing either benefit or harm. In no case should you hang up the image of water at the head, because it will “wash away” all your love relationships. In addition, water is treason.
Care must also be taken to ensure that no break lines extend in the area above the head of the bed. There should be no junction of wallpaper. Wallpaper pattern should also not be torn. If you placed an image of flowers at the head of the head, then two flowers should be in the foreground. If there are three flowers of equal size in the picture, then this will create the image of a “third superfluous” – one who can interfere in your relationship.

Get rid of single-character paintings

Single symbols are the predominance in the picture of exclusively yin energy (black, female, internal, earthly, and heavy) or only yang energy (white, male, and external, heavenly, light). For example, you hung a picture, and it depicts a lone semi-dry tree on a cliff – this is yin. The sign itself is not very good, it can do much harm.
Yang energy paintings should also be avoided. For example, images of roads or bridges over which large flows of cars move, views of large cities – this is yang. Such paintings are only loneliness.

Home Art That Attract Positive Energy

“Pictures of growth” will help in a relationship

To improve relations between men and women, as well as for those who want to arrange their happiness, the so-called “growth patterns” are suitable. Images must be filled with resurgent power – for example, spring plots, sunny, juicy. Birds arrive, nature comes to life, and everything blooms. It gives a charge, an influx of strength. Pictures with dull autumn plots in which we see fallen leaves, grayness and longing should be avoided.
If you have a lot of paintings, and you do not hang them on the wall in one row, but some are higher, others are lower, then you need to try so that the line of their location tends upward – to the upper right corner.

Pictures for rooms with windows to the intersection

It is worth taking care of the right pictures if you have corner apartments, or the windows of the room overlook the intersection. The strong influence of space from the outside must be neutralized. You can hang a picture that carries a change in energy – for example, with views of a beautiful waterfall. This image will “wash away” negative information (however, remember that such a solution is not suitable for a bedroom).
For corner rooms (including bedrooms), images of roses, peonies and lotus will be favorable. Traditionally, these images are considered symbols of health, balance, balance, couples – especially the lotus.

Scripts can hurt

With copyright paintings, scripts need to be careful. They are best hung in large spaces, in special rooms or in large corridors. If these are small rooms where you are often located, it is better to hang copies of the paintings, if you really want this particular canvas. It is not known what kind of energy the artist had when he painted, so it is better to protect yourself.

Choose “easy” pictures, without unresolved problems

Online home improvement stores now offer a wide variety of inexpensive and lightweight images that can be used to balance space. In the paintings, the unresolved problem of the artist should not be felt.

Find the right place for contemporary art

With contemporary art, you should be careful. Incomprehensible images, experiments with shapes and colors sometimes carry a destructive force. If you hang pictures in the house that are difficult for understanding and perception, then it is better to place them, for example, in the office.

Do not hang dead people at home

If a person has gone to another world, his photographs do not need to occupy too much space among the living, even if he is the closest and dearest person. Photos and images of the deceased, whether they are relatives or famous people (scientists, writers, artists), carry negative energy.

Home Art That Attract Positive Energy

Images for financial well-being

There are 5 energies: water, wood, fire, earth, metal. Everything related to money belongs to the element of wood, so trees and plants are favorable for the home. They are good both as images and in live form.
In addition, you need to take care of the symbols of a large influx – these include images of a waterfall and other water elements, including paintings with fish. The main thing is to correctly place pictures with water. The best place for them is in the eastern part of the house.

Front door area

We cannot but take into account the icons and images of saints if we want to secure our housing. Above the door, for example, you can hang the icon of St. George the Victorious.

Frames and frames are also important

Many do not pay attention to the framework – this is wrong. Cracked or shattered frames adversely affect the overall energy of the house. The color of the frame of the images in the house should not strain your eyes or cause discomfort.
Bad sign if the picture falls. In order to ward off the negative and prevent an unpleasant event, after the picture falls, you need to change the frame or frame.

Rules with mirrors

You need to be very careful about the placement of mirrors in the house. Recently, it has become fashionable to create glass mosaics in the interior of the house with the peculiar effect of a broken mirror – that is, when various uneven mirror pieces are used: sharp and fractional. This is very bad in terms of Feng Shui. Sharp lines, tears, cracks will provoke quarrels and partings.

You should carefully approach the clock with mirror elements. Consider, for example, a watch with a mirror dial, from which mirror butterflies fly out. It looks nice, but if a person hangs such a clock in the house, he will have problems with time.

It is important to ensure that there is no mirror opposite the front door. A piece of the front door should not be reflected in the mirror, otherwise there will be no money. This is a taboo.
It is possible to place a mirror in the bedroom only if the sleeping person is not reflected in it at least partially. And even more so, abandon the mirrors on the ceiling above the bed.

You must like the paintings!

The main rule is that if something bothers you in the picture, if at least something does not suit you, do not hang it in the house. It often happens that a picture was presented by someone close to you, and you, not wanting to offend this person, give his gift almost the best place in the house.

If you do not like the image, if it causes unpleasant emotions, in no case do not hang it. You need to trust your intuition and feelings.


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