16 Ways to Look Younger With Makeup

16 Ways to Look Younger With Makeup

Anti-age makeup can work wonders and make you brighter and younger by 5-10 years (and sometimes more), and its application does not take you much time. But in order to master this technique, you need to consider that it has its own characteristics and rules.

If you think that lifting makeup is a story for those who are exclusively over 50 years old, you are mistaken. If you are “a little over 30”, you can already start practicing it, because it is at this age that the first signs of skin withering begin to appear, small and so far weakly visible wrinkles appear. Using anti-aging makeup, you can visually hide these changes and restore a healthy glow to the skin.

Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Younger

Rule 1. Do not forget about the preparation of the skin.

You can’t neglect leaving at any age, but competent hydration and nutrition of the skin with age-related changes is the foundation of lifting makeup. The more carefully you prepare the skin at the care stage, the better the final result.

Before grabbing a bronzer and foundation, you need to prepare the skin. Choose the right base based on your needs. The most common age-related problems that can be masked with a primer are enlarged pores, a dull or heterogeneous complexion, peeling, rashes, and rosacea.

Expanded pores and peeling easily hide primers with silicone in the composition. Color-correcting beauty products are effectively combated with a heterogeneous tone: green ones hide rosacea and redness, yellow and peach mask dark circles under the eyes, and purple or pink eliminate the earthy complexion and make the overall look more relaxed.

If you don’t have any of these problems, you shouldn’t neglect the base: a product with reflective particles in the composition will moisturize the skin, prepare it for applying a tone and create the effect of internal radiance.

Rule 2. Choose moisturizing textures.

Prefer moisturizer with firm matte, latching textures. You can add special oil to the foundation in order to neutralize the natural dryness of mature skin. Concealer also choose moisturizer. The golden rule: the finer the tone applied, the more perfect the makeup will look.

Rule 3. Apply makeup in a thin layer.

With age, the skin acquires an additional relief, which is why try to use a minimal layer of cosmetics in order to avoid clogging it in pores and wrinkles.

Rule 4. Minimum Shining Textures

It is recommended to avoid shining textures in lifting makeup, especially in those places where there is excessive relief. However, nothing prevents mixing in small doses with liquid highlighters with moderate light reflection and applying the highlighter visually on the protruding parts of the face (cheekbones, for example) in places where there is no relief.

Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Younger

Freshness is the first sign of youth. A face with a delicate blush always seems younger than bleached porcelain skin. In age makeup, we advise you to abandon such a popular contouring and drawing sharp cheekbones. Although your face will look thinner, but the highlighted zygomatic bone will make the overall look saggy and painful. Whether it’s a blush! This beauty product, by the way, can also be done contouring: instead of driving blush on the apples of the cheeks, blend the funds from the middle of the face into the temples. So the treasured lifting effect is achieved!

Remember one more simple application rule: not only the cheeks, but the whole face blush by nature, therefore, to achieve maximum naturalness with a brush with the rest of the product, walk along the tip of the nose, temples and chin.

Rule 5. No major sparkles

Avoid coarse shimmer, metallic shine, glitter – the finer the grinding of used products, the better.

Rule 6. Pay special attention to working with eyebrows.

It should be remembered that thin eyebrows look unnatural and even old-fashioned, they make the face too puppet-like. Well-groomed, moderately wide eyebrows are not too bright, with a natural smooth bend – an ideal option that is relevant and will make the face more well-groomed and younger. By the way, do not forget that eyebrows, like hair, turn gray, so do not forget to tint them in a timely manner.

16 Ways to Look Younger With Makeup

Regrettably, many women still neglect eyebrow makeup. The trend for beautiful, fluffy, and most importantly, natural eyebrows has captured the beauty world, and there is an objective reason for this: thick eyebrows visually rejuvenate the face. Set aside tweezers away, arm yourself with a pencil, eye shadow and fixing eyebrow gel. Try not to draw completely new alien eyebrows on your face, instead stick to your natural shape and remember that at the base the color of the hairs should not be as saturated as at the tips of the eyebrows. Otherwise, your make-up will look unnatural. And as we already said, unnaturalness ages the most.

Rule 7. Give preference to warm shades.

Warm shades of blush, lipstick and eye shadow look more natural and fresh. Even if you are looking for cold options, choose not pure pink blush, but pink-coral or pink-peach. Also do not use pure open colors: pink, orange. Choose complex mixed combinations – it always looks more interesting and fresh.

The sparkling bright look also has a magical anti-aging effect, so forget about black smoky eyes and graphic arrows. Do not turn your eyes into two large dark dips on your face. Instead, arm yourself with a white or light pink pencil: apply it to the lower inner contour – this will help make the eyes visually larger. Apply a light shining shade of shadows to the inner corner of the eye. With the shades of a flesh-colored shade, highlight the fold of the eyelid to create a relief and eliminate the impending eyelid. Add flickering shadows to the center of the eyelid, and underline the inter-eyelash space with a brown pencil.

Rule 8. Curl your eyelashes

With age, eyelashes lose their former density and bend. If you know how to use a curler – great! If not, you can choose mascara with a twisting effect, but not voluminous

Rule 9. Carefully work out the contour of the lips.

In lip make-up, be sure to work out the contour with persistent pencils, gently blending them so that the lips do not look tense. Use a moisturizing lipstick – this is important because matte and persistent textures dry the lips and thereby emphasize imperfections and wrinkles. By the way, the lipstick should match the pencil in tone: the dark outline in combination with light lipstick is a relic of the 90s, forget about it once and for all.

Finally, the days of Soviet prejudice about vulgar red lipstick have passed. Now this bright color is worn even by young 18-year-old girls. Red is universal, because everyone can find a shade that suits her color type: from berry to coral.

Translucent berry shades with a damp finish look especially advantageous in everyday makeup: with their radiance they are able to refresh any image. For an evening out, we strongly advise you to choose matte textures: their durability can only be envied. They will easily survive a snack, a light dinner and a glass of wine.

Rule 10. Be careful when placing light accents.

It is permissible to slightly highlight the corners of the lips with slight highlights – this will give freshness. But bright highlights under the eyebrow should not be applied! This has not been relevant for a long time, it is not young, and it works little for anyone as it was intended.

Makeup Tricks That Make You Look Younger

In age makeup, try to avoid textures that leave a dull matte finish or give the effect of a wax mask on the face. Most matte products have a dry texture and are designed for facial skin prone to oily. Since age skin is predisposed to dryness, such tonal products fall into wrinkles during the day and make them more noticeable. The best alternative for age-related makeup is a medium density foundation with a lifting or anti age effect. Do not forget to add shine to your face with the help of a highlighter, so you will look like you sleep 15 hours a day. Concealer for the area under the eyes is also better to choose the lightest with an average degree of masking, because dense textures, although they will hide the bruises under the eyes, but all the facial wrinkles will be emphasized.

Rule 11. Make a moisturizing mask before makeup

The age skin of the face is often dry and thin, therefore, before applying makeup, make a moisturizing mask, apply a nourishing cream and, if desired, a base with reflective particles. This will give the face a fresh and rested look.

Rule 12. Use lifting serum.

Serum with antioxidants, collagen and coenzymes in the composition will make the skin more dense and supple. Be sure to use it before applying makeup.

Rule 13. Spot the problem areas.

Do not overload the skin with excess makeup. Problem areas can be overlapped locally. Better use more cream textures. Owners of oily skin can apply mineral powder to areas where excessive shine is visible.

Rule 14. Work on the inter-ciliary space

The emphasis placed on the inter-ciliary space will give the look expressiveness and brightness. Optionally, to make eyelashes thicker, you can add false buns. Just do not glue them directly into the outer corner of the eye – step back a bit, this will make the eyes visually larger.

Rule 15. Properly choose the shade of the foundation

An improperly chosen tone can add a good ten years, or even two. Therefore, carefully approach its purchase. Also remember that dark shades significantly add age, emphasize wrinkles and emphasize uneven terrain. Fixing powder must match the tone with tone or be transparent.

Rule 16. Refuse eyeliner

Focus only on the top – with the arrow or competent shading shadows. This will make the look less heavy and visually lift the eyelid.


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