How to Clear Negative Energy From Your House

How to Clear Negative Energy From Your House

The house is our fortress, which can both protect from the influence of external factors and feed it with its energy. The main thing is to know where in your house there is a special zone – a place of power. And if that is not available, then you can create it yourself. And such a place of power can be found in any room. The most important thing is to know how to do it correctly.

If you know all the nuances of finding and creating a place of power in the house, then the expression: “Even the walls heal at home,” will find its relevance for you again. After all, it was not for nothing that our ancestors for many centuries considered this one of the most important tasks in their lives and, therefore, devoted so much time and energy to this.

Thanks to these “corners” in the house, you can really relax, relax and get a new boost of energy. And they are able to attract more luck and money in your life, as well as affect the faster fulfillment of a cherished desire. We have selected the surest ways to find a place of power in your home or to strengthen the energy of an already existing space.

First of all, you should think about finding or strengthening the place of power in the house, if you have started certain problems in it:

  • You or loved ones often get sick
  • Began to suddenly and often disappear things in the house
  • Living plants began to wither and disappear
  • There have been frequent breakdowns of household appliances and often light bulbs burn out.
  • Began to appear strange smells
  • From time to time various noises and unfamiliar sounds were heard.
  • Plumbing began to break down and all pipes began to dig for no reason
  • Quarrels and scandals became frequent in the house
  • Chronic fatigue appeared and the night’s sleep stopped saving her from it.

If at least 2-3 points coincided with your current situation in the house, then it must be “treated.”

How to check the house for the presence of negative energy?

The easiest way to check whether negative energy dominates your dwelling is to light a church candle and walk with it through all the rooms, including the bathroom, kitchen and storeroom.

How to Clear Negative Energy From Your House

If the candle begins to smoke, the flame is uneven, a crackling sound is heard, it means that something unpleasant and sometimes destructive has interfered in the aura of your house. That is, the general depressing impression, the unwillingness to be at home and the sharp decrease in visits by friends, multiplied by the “inadequate behavior” of the candle, is the brightest signal that it is time to act.

Another way to check a house is to observe the behavior of animals. First of all, they feel the presence of evil, start to get nervous, try to sleep near the entrance door and often try to jump out of the apartment into the stairwell.

In especially neglected cases, the animals either run away from the owner’s altogether, or refuse to eat and begin to get sick for no apparent reason.

If you do not have your pet, you can rent it, that is, ask someone from your friends or neighbors to visit with your pet. Just keep in mind that the animal should be initially calm and friendly, as an inadequate beast in any case will be nervous in an unfamiliar environment.

Another “detector” of the negative is indoor plants. If suddenly they start to hurt and die, and regardless of transplants, change of soil and fertilizer, it means that something amiss is going on in your house.

True, there is one nuance here – sometimes the flowers react to the onset of the illness of the one who cares for them directly, in which case they take on some of the disease, so to speak, sacrifice themselves for the sake of the host.

The reasons for the emergence of negative energy

Negative energy in a home can be caused by targeted targeting of damage to a dwelling or its inhabitants, which is accompanied by the appearance of objects in the apartment that you did not bring into it, for example, needles in door jambs, window frames and upholstered furniture, as well as any items of unknown origin.

Another reason is the location of the apartment in the so-called “black hole”. This is determined very simply. The energy of the house is negative, if you, despite the fact that you live above the second floor, do not have a cellular connection in the apartment, and in order to call by mobile phone, you have to go to the landing.

The next reason is living in an apartment of a person who is constantly overwhelmed by black thoughts, or frequent visits of someone who frankly wishes you harm. In this case, the negative tends to accumulate, and then put pressure on the occupants of the premises, provoking them to scandals, inadequate actions and diseases.

Also, the cause of bad energy can be the death of a person who had been very long and seriously ill. In general, serious and protracted diseases, accompanied by complaints, tears and groans, very spoil the aura of the house.

Therefore, it is better to clean the apartment as soon as the person recovers, not waiting until the negative energy is firmly absorbed into the walls. And during the illness it would be nice to burn the twigs of dried, fumigating all the rooms with it, this, in particular, contributes to the recovery of the patient.

Also in this case it is good to use bunches of dried sage – its smoke saves the room from dark entities.

How to clean the house from the negative

Cleansing your energy. It is peculiar to any person to accumulate both good and bad energy within. Therefore, before you begin to clean your home, you must start with your own cleansing of the accumulated negative energy.

Taking a bath with salt, preferably “Thursday salt,” or with holy water, can help. It is enough to add a small amount of them into the water and submerge your body as deep as possible into the water. At the same time, it is necessary to “ask” water and salt to help you in getting rid of negative energy. You can use the simplest words coming from your heart. Probably in the first minutes after taking a bath, you can feel lightness in your body and soul, as if you were rid of a heavy burden.

Preparing to clean the house. After you have removed the negative energy from yourself, you can start cleaning your house. First of all, it is necessary to open all the windows, and if possible all the doors. If it is possible to create a draft, so much the better – the faster the circulation of energy begins.

Conducting cleansing at home, you really need to clean it as much as possible, so try to get rid of unnecessary and old things. If the thing you did not use the entire previous year, then you can safely get rid of it – she has already managed to accumulate a negative energy.

Do not accumulate paper – related things in your home old magazines, books, documents. They tend to absorb energy as much as possible, especially negative and “litter” the energy of the house.

It is impossible to store dishes with cracks in the house, especially with chips – negative energy passes through them.

Absolutely all things in the house, especially those that you haven’t worn for a long time, should be removed.

Wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth, washing it as often as possible so as not to transfer energy from room to room. You can add a few drops of holy water.

All mirrors should also be wiped with a damp cloth in a clockwise direction, and it is advisable to do this as many times as a mirror. If you do not know the “age” of this mirror, wipe it in a circle 13 times.

Water and fire. To purify the dwelling it is necessary either a candle brought from the church or holy water. When cleaning the house, the entrance door must be ajar and, moving clockwise, it is necessary to cross the candle or sprinkle with holy water absolutely all the corners in the house, even those inside the storage rooms and wardrobes.

At the same time, it is necessary to read “Our Father” or any other prayer aimed at cleansing the house. The candle will very brightly “show” where you have accumulated the most of bad energy – it will start to smoke with black smoke and pop. Therefore, in those places you can stay longer. And vice versa, in the place where the candle will burn especially brightly and high, this will probably be your place of power.

Particular attention should be paid to computers, televisions and mirrors – they accumulate negative energy many times more than in other places.

After you return to the front door again, the candle must be blown out. Otherwise, all collected negative energy will remain in the house.

Cleansing hands and body. After the cleaning of the apartment, its energy will inevitably fall on you again. Therefore, it is necessary to wash your hands very carefully with the addition of salt and holy water, and it is also desirable to take a shower again.

Place of power. After the apartment is cleaned, it is easy to find your place of power. First, you can define it yourself, remembering the place in the house where you can really relax. Secondly, one can verify this with the help of an elementary pendulum. And, thirdly, if animals live in the house, watch them, and they will show you that very place of power, because they themselves are fed there with positive energy, since it is their nature that is in them.

Strengthening and feeding place power. The place of power in itself “lives” not long. It is constantly necessary to feed. You can light candles, put different talismans, amulets, runes. It all depends on what result you want to achieve. To enhance, for example, wealth, you need to put a statuette of a toad and strew it with coins. And if you have a disturbed night’s sleep, you should hang a dream catcher, etc. at this place. Enjoy the comfort and tranquility in your home!


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