How to Dress After 40 and Still Look Amazing

How to Dress After 40 and Still Look Amazing

It’s impossible to use the same image all my life. The shape, perception of the world, and sometimes complexion are changing, so the question of how to dress stylishly for a 40-year-old woman is relevant in today’s conditions.

The world has changed and now the mentioned age is the heyday of career, youth and attractiveness. But it is precisely in 40 years that the accents should be placed correctly, priorities should be defined in the created images, and a sense of proportion must be observed. You should not dress in clothes of respectable ladies, but also teenage things to an attractive mature woman are also not to face.

8 major mistakes of women after 40 years when creating a stylish image:

  1. youth clothes;
  2. bulky bags;
  3. baggy things;
  4. dark top;
  5. shoes without a heel;
  6. abundance of ornaments;
  7. many details and the presence of rhinestones;
  8. coarse colors

That is, to learn how to dress fashionably, first of all, one should not make the mistakes mentioned above, but follow the chosen style.

Autumn-Winter: choosing a stylish wardrobe

In general, a wardrobe for a 40- year-old woman does not differ from other age groups in relation to the number and purpose of items of clothing, but there are nuances. First of all, you should take into account the specific situation, profession and lifestyle, therefore there is no fully universal wardrobe suitable for all women after 40 years. But there are basic items of clothing and tips on their choice, in all situations to look stylish and appropriate. The main rule is to choose the style of clothing in accordance with the way of life and activities: if a woman is constantly at work, then the focus of the wardrobe should be strict, office type + outfits for corporate events and business trips. In this vein, bases for housewives, sportswomen, etc. are chosen. But whatever activity prevails, the most demanded, the classic and comfortable casual style is appropriate. The remaining style directions are added to the image as needed.

How to Dress After 40 and Still Look Amazing

To form your own unique bow, you should stock up on ideas, in the end, “make yourself an idol” – an icon of style for you personally from among actresses, models, etc. This will inspire you to create an original image.

What kind of things to stock up on a 40-year-old woman for the autumn-winter period? What garments should be preferred? You can buy warm pants, stylish tight jeans and skirts. Under the heel, the most relevant are straight or slightly flared models. It is elegant and fashionable both in office and casual bow, in addition, such pants add to the woman’s slimness. Play with flowers: shades of brown and red (mustard, terracotta, carmine) are especially recommended – they will perfectly refresh the onion. You can use juicy tones in accessories.

Dressing stylishly, do not forget about quality jeans. They should be branded, classic cut or narrowed, but in no case with rhinestones – it will make the bow ridiculous and cheap. Sit these garments should ideally – no drop-down sides, cheap fabrics or baggy knees.

Skirts are allowed classic “pencils” knee-length and slightly lower, as well as slightly flared midi models of the “A” silhouette. For the cold season it is better to prefer natural wool, dense knitwear, and drape. The same rules apply to dresses. The only caveat – the outfit should not be too tightly encircling the figure, it is better if the silhouette is soft.

Of course, you cannot do without a pullover, jacket and cardigan. These things will be appropriate in almost any life situation, and also they look very feminine and stylish.

Blouse and golf are required items for autumn and winter. They look organic in office, everyday bow. Some models are perfectly integrated into the festive image. But they should be solid and not too bright.

To dress stylishly and fashionably, a woman definitely needs a coat and an elegant jacket. In some cases, appropriate coat or fur coat.

All of these things in the wardrobe should be two, depending on the frequency of their use. Now a little information about the color and cut, which should be preferred when choosing stylish clothes for a lady of 40 years. Regarding the cut, you can say one thing – even classic things should be replaced at least once in 5 years, since the change in trends during this time will make the clothes old-fashioned and irrelevant. Each color has its own preferences, as well as the type of appearance, but if, for example, you adore bright colors, and the dress code does not imply their use, then use these shades in a muffled version or use in shades of outerwear.

The black color is slim, but being close to the face, it shows skin imperfections and visually ages – keep this in mind. Dark lovers can compromise and balance heavy colors with more airy, warm and light ones.

It is worth paying attention to the tint combinations – they are almost always in trend. Mandatory pastel shades – ash-pink, milky coffee, ivory – they should be preferred, because these tones make a woman younger.

Spring-Summer: lightness and elegance

A wardrobe for the spring-summer period is certainly different from the autumn-winter one. First of all, tissue diversity. For spring, lightweight knitwear, cotton, silk, satin and other light natural fabrics are used. Colors should be juicier, but still avoid acidic, neon, too bright and sharp.

A wardrobe for the spring-summer period is certainly different from the autumn-winter one. First of all, tissue diversity. For spring, lightweight knitwear, cotton, silk, satin and other light natural fabrics are used. Colors should be juicy, but still avoid acidic, neon, too bright and sharp.

How to Dress After 40 and Still Look Amazing

Be sure to add to the wardrobe a light, light trench coat, airy scarves. You should not choose dark and gray tones – they add at least 10 years to your age in your passport.

Spring-summer blouses are coming to the fore, as are T-shirts, but remember: a full woman should avoid an abundance of riches, frills and other decorations, as this makes the top too bulky.

For thin women, on the contrary, this technique is highly recommended. But too much an abundance of parts in clothing experts do not advise women after 40 years, because it is an old lady and reduces the cost of the image. The main rule of a stylish lady is conciseness.

Summer dresses are better to choose not too bright, baggy or short. The pattern is welcome, but it is better if it is gentle and small. Spring dresses should be fitted, juicy or neutral shades, with geometric patterns.

With regards to strict trousers and suits, the options for the spring are quite brighter – beige, coffee, light blue, ashen-pink. Full ladies should not be afraid of light colors, only it is better to choose a dark bottom and an elongated model of a jacket. Also white is often used in accessories.

For everyday looks, a casual gadget, such as lightly worn jeans, a cotton T-shirt + jacket or a knitted cardigan, is perfect.

Without the appropriate accessories cannot do either in the cold or in the heat. These are expensive gloves, scarves, shawls, stylish hats, high-quality bags of small size. It is very appropriate and beautiful to look at branded jewelry or jewelry made of precious metals, but in a minimalist style.

Slim waist will emphasize a stylish belt.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that without which any image will be incomplete – a shoe. It is better if the shoes (sandals, boots or ankle boots) are with a small, comfortable and stable heel. Let moccasins remain on a low run. Bulky shoes with wide, woolen socks are absolutely not suitable for women of 40 years – only classic pumps, laconic sandals and high-quality boots.

The image of a 40 year old woman will be stylish if clothes and shoes fit the occasion, are created from high-quality materials, are made in light shades, diluted with more juicy tones, and are complemented by expensive, relevant accessories. No tinsel, cheapness, carelessness, unnecessary details, too rough and dark textures – just conciseness, restrained gloss and respectability.

15 fashion rules how to dress after 40

  1. Do not go to extremes

The most important and important rule that many women violate with sad regularity is to go to extremes.

This means that one puts on a short top with an image of Mickey Mouse, and the other – a gray skirt of the grandmother to the floor. Know the measure: short shiny shorts will not make you younger, and an old woman’s blouse will only aggravate the situation. The right decision is elegant silhouettes, classic styles and the absence of strange decor elements.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes.

Still, it’s time to forget about very tight skirts, heels in 15 cm and sliding jeans. Wear something that you feel comfortable (this is not a tracksuit!). Clothing should not tighten, squeeze or constrain movement. Remember once and for all: the outfit should sit on the figure.

  1. Clearly define what to show and what to hide

It is natural that your figure is no longer as taut as it was 20 years ago. It does not need to be afraid, because of this you do not need to be upset. Just learn to emphasize the virtues and hide the flaws. Do you have beautiful calves or attractive neckline? Wear knee-length skirts and V-neck blouses.

  1. Wear pastel colors

First of all, you need to understand what colors you go. Perhaps you had enough time to figure it out. For example, pale blue instantly makes you younger and more attractive, and yellow is strictly prohibited. From this and push off. Meanwhile, if you are over 40, stylists recommend paying attention to light pastel shades: beige, ivory, and brown, white, gray.

  1. Say a firm “no” to shapeless clothing.

Returning to the question of a beautiful and elegant silhouette. Forget about overalls, weird stretched sweaters, insanely wide trousers. Only size in size and only semi-fit things (but not tight!)

  1. Choose prints with care.

We do not claim that after 40 years you cannot wear bright prints, but it is better to choose them with extreme caution. Pay attention to something muffled, unfriendly, anthropic. It can be geometric shapes, and flowers, and abstraction, but with the condition that the print does not look too childish. Moreover, without funny cats and red lips.

  1. Do not forget heels

High heel shoes are in the closet and “walking” only on solemn occasions? This is the wrong approach. Just buy at least one pair of really comfortable and stable boats on an average heel.

  1. Choose medium-length skirts and dresses.

The ideal length is the middle of the knee. It is feminine, beautiful, and stylish. Mini dress will look vulgar and vulgar, perhaps, only Demi Moore can afford such outfits. In order not to be mistaken, we always choose something discreet and without going over.

  1. Find a beautiful fitted coat.

Bought a cool slim coat of a delicate shade? Pick him ankle boots and consider that you are ready for spring and autumn. Forget about black or gray and don’t be afraid to get dirty – a light coat will make your look gorgeous.

  1. Add stylish details.

If in clothes we advise you to stick to the classics, then when choosing accessories you can turn on your imagination (moderately, of course). For example, sometimes wear a beautiful hat or large jewelry, add an unusual brooch or bright shoes to the image. In general, be original, it will benefit your style.

  1. Do not get carried away with jewels.

Another extreme, which sometimes fall into women aged. Wear a lot of expensive jewelry at the same time and turn into a Christmas tree. We understand that jewels are an indicator of wealth and luxury, but still for everyday style it is better to stick to modest accessories. At least without 20 carat diamonds.

  1. Carry small neat handbags.

Try to avoid big sacks that look more like shopping bags for products. Wear clutches or neat handbags of medium size – they will never spoil your elegant look.

  1. Buy only high-quality clothing.

We think that you have already realized that it is better to buy several high-quality and expensive items of basic wardrobe, than to buy up all the coarse blouses with protruding threads on sales. A woman after 40 cannot afford to wear poor-quality clothing that does not live more than 1 season. Dear bag, good coat, cool shoes – we select the perfect option and enjoy a few years.

  1. Always adhere to simplicity and elegance.

Let’s leave the trendy experiments to young girls, okay? Eternal classics – that’s what a beautiful woman needs after 40. Slim pants, feminine blouse, stylish jacket will never go out of fashion. As they say, simple and tasteful.

  1. Well- groomed and tidy.

Ugly women do not exist. There are only those who do not want to follow their skin, hair, nails, and clothes. Of course, you can justify the lack of time, but with us this excuse will not work. We officially declare: women, love yourself, and then you will love everything around you!


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