Caring for the Skin Around Your Eyes

Caring for the Skin Around Your Eyes

The skin around the eyes – requires special care, because our eyes – one of the greatest treasures, given to us by nature. It is with the help of these senses that we receive basic information about the world around us. Besides, for every woman this is the most important decoration, bright, radiant and sparkling. But over time, the pure cut of this jewelry loses its appeal. Around the eyes there are wrinkles. And because of the regular load they still suffer from bags and circles under the eyes.

At a modern rate of a life of problems of such there is a lot of:

Irritation and inflammation of the skin around the eyes – these phenomena occur quite often in people who have an unregulated work schedule. Constant lack of sleep, lack of sleep, work at the computer. Very often there is irritation due to unfavorable environmental conditions. Certain people complain about certain inconveniences, wearing glasses. But only if they are improperly selected. The bruises under the eyes

Circles under the eyes – the so-called phenomenon, in which the skin under the eyes becomes a yellowish, gray or cyanotic color. It can be either a hereditary predisposition, a sign of a disease, or a manifestation of fatigue and fatigue in the body.

Puffiness of the lower eyelid – if you have bags under the eyes, then the reasons for this phenomenon can be a great many. Perhaps you just drank too much liquid at night, or you have a metabolic disorder. It can also be a sign of kidney failure.

Wrinkles around the eyes – the so-called “crow’s feet” can be caused by the exhaustion of the body, dehydration of the skin. They can also be the first “bell” of creeping age changes. Or to signal that you are a very emotional person and are used to showing your feelings with the help of bright facial expressions.

The skin near the eyes is very thin, there are no fat layers, which means that it is more prone to dryness and dehydration than other parts of the body. That is why, whatever your problem is related to this area of the person, it should be resolved through proper care, which we will discuss further.

Caring for the Skin Around Your Eyes

Ways to care for the skin around your eyes

  1. Very often all our knowledge of the rules for the care of the skin around the eyes are in one picture, which depicts a girl with mugs of cucumber in her eyes. But it is not necessary to go to expensive plastic surgeons, in order to get rid of an ugly and aesthetically unpleasant phenomenon. First of all, you must remember that it is much easier to prevent this attack than to treat it long and painfully. So it is worth knowing in advance the basic rules of caring for the delicate skin around the eyes.
  2. Accustom yourself to never and under no circumstances rub your eyes, do not stretch the delicate skin. In no case do not delay eyelids, do not rub various medications and cream with intense movements. The only possible way of applying cosmetic and medical preparations can be an easy tapping, pounding with your fingers, so you do not injure the epithelium, and activate blood circulation in this area.
  3. Apply all cosmetic and caring creams, oils and other products only to the area under the eyes and under the eyebrow. The upper, mobile eyelid should be for you an untouchable zone.
  4. Change your skin around the eyes depending on the season. Summer and winter ways should be different. So in the summer, cosmetics should be more lightweight, moisturizing, in winter, more focus on protection and nutrition.
  5. Be sure to rinse your makeup before going to bed. And it is better, if you will remove the decorative cosmetics from your face, as soon as you return home. Even the best cosmetic brands can produce decorative products that interfere with the full breathing and blood circulation of the skin, namely, during sleep, the body cleanses, eliminates toxins from the epithelium, and oxygenates the skin. Do not use the usual soap to remove cosmetics, it dries the already dry skin around the eyes.
  6. Do not use a facial agent to care for this area. As a rule, they are more “heavy”, use only specifically aimed at caring for the area around the eyes.
  7. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, lack of healthy diet and normalized sleep regimen adversely affect your whole body in general and the skin of the eyes in particular. Get used to the idea that sunglasses are an accessory not only for the summer season. Wearing this subject must become mandatory at any time of the year, because the habit of frowning does not color anyone, but only more provokes the appearance of facial wrinkles.
  8. Perform special exercises of facial gymnastics every day, which will not take you much time. But the benefits from them will not be an example anymore.

Massage for the skin around the eyes

The beauty of the eyes is always worried and will excite every girl, and in the struggle for this beauty, massage can become a wonderful tool. Properly performed massage will restore the elasticity of the skin, keep it from premature aging and give it a fresh and healthy appearance. It activates the metabolism and promotes the excretion of metabolic products through the skin. Massage in the eye area is a very effective method of eye care, the high effectiveness of which has been proven for centuries.

The main movements with which you can massage are stroking, kneading, effleurage and vibration. It should be remembered that it is necessary to perform this procedure strictly on massage lines in order to avoid a negative effect and harm the delicate skin.

The main directions on which it is worthwhile to produce facial massage for health and elasticity of the skin in the eye area can be considered as such:

  1. From the outer corners of the eye to the inner corners of the lower eyelid.
  2. From the outer corners of the eye to the inner corners of the upper eyelid.
  3. From the nose to the different points of the hair growth line.
  4. From the middle of the forehead to the temples.
  5. Under the eyebrow from the outer corner to the bridge of the nose.

Before the procedure begins, thoroughly cleanse the face, it is advisable to steam it up a little. To do this, throw a handful of dry chamomile in a basin, pour boiling water and put your face over the container, are in this position for ten to fifteen minutes. After that, put on your hands your favorite massage tool, it can be a cream or oil, and proceed directly to the massage.

Apply this method of skin care in several ways:

  1. Lift your eyebrow with one finger, and with your other hand, press down on the points from the end of the eyebrow until it begins to grow, holding your finger for five seconds. Then use your index fingers to lift your eyebrows towards the growth of your hair, hold it and blink it several times, then release it.
  2. Close the left eye, then with your left thumb, fix the skin in the outer corner of the eye. With gentle tapping, treat the lower eyelid from the outer corner to the inner corner for 10 minutes, repeat on the other eye. After that, just massage the right eye.
  3. Point the index finger of one hand on the point between the eyebrows above the bridge of the nose. For 10 minutes, massage the zone clockwise, then counter-clockwise.
  4. In the center of the forehead, place the pads of the three fingers of each hand, then move to the temples with circular massage movements.

During the massage, try not to stretch the skin in particularly delicate areas, it is much more effective to patch the fingers of the fingers on the massage line, and instead of rubbing the remedy, apply light strokes. Spending every day in caring for yourself with a face massage for at least ten minutes, you will see the first positive results in a month.

Caring for the Skin Around Your Eyes

Folk remedies for dark circles and bags

Folk remedies from dark circles and sacks will suit every person. In fact, to the great regret, almost every girl faces such a sad phenomenon, and therefore it is necessary to know how to deal with them:

  • A wonderful remedy that you can easily cope with dark circles under the eyes is frozen ice. For its preparation, take sage, chamomile, parsley. Grind and pour with hot water. Allow to stand for one hour and pour into ice molds. And do not even need to filter, it will be great if the ice cubes will be together with the grass. Then, every day, take two cubes of this healing ice and wipe the skin under your eyes.
  • Wet raw potatoes on a medium grater. Then mix this slurry with a spoon of olive oil and put it on the area under the eyes, lie down, relax. You can include pleasant relaxing music, in order to get the most benefit from the procedure. After half an hour you can wash off the mask.
  • Make a strong decoction of parsley and cornflower flowers, taken in the same proportion. Ready to leave the broth cool down, and at this time take one cotton ball and cut it in half. In the broth, dip this semicircle and place the warm under the eyes. Keep at least half an hour, so you can also combine the procedure with aromatherapy and pleasant music.
  • In warm milk, dip a piece of crumb from white bread, let it soften softly. Then with a fork, mash to the state of porridge, put on the skin under the eyes for twenty minutes.
  • Mix one tablespoon of softened butter with powder from crushed walnuts until pasty. Add a couple drops of vitamin A in the solution and apply for an hour to the area under the eyes. It is also desirable to be in a lying position all this time.

By the way, very often dark circles under the eyes and arise just from lack of sleep, so you have a reason to combine useful with a pleasant, and a good nap under the guise of carrying out cosmetic procedures.

As for folk remedies for eye skin care, struggling with bags under the eyes, we can advise you the following tools:

  • Bags under the eyes do not like green tea. And it means that he will become the first assistant to be a wonderful means to combat these “ugliness”. But do not use such popular methods as the use of tea bags as lotions. It will be much more effective to take a tablespoon of good quality green tea without flavors and additives, pour it all with a glass of boiling water and strain it. Then the leaves are mashed in a blender, add a couple of drops of vitamin E in the solution and apply not the area under the eyes. And the liquid that remained in the brewing process, then wash off the mask and wash your face.
  • Cold compresses from green tea against bags under the eyes will also be a great way. To do this, brew a strong green hour, cool it and throw a few more ice cubes there. Then cut one cotton pad in half, dip into tea and place under the eyes. Every five minutes, remove the cotton buds and re-dip in cold tea.
  • Perfect way to become saline lotions. To do this, place the sea salt in two tissue bags. The face for the procedure well rip off over the pelvis, in which a handful of chamomile fill with boiling water. Then, gently moisten the saccules with salt, and press to the skin under the eyes and hold for five minutes. Make sure that the salt does not get in your eyes.
  • Classic way to combat swelling of the eyes has long been considered a simple cucumber. You can simply cut it with thick circles and put it on your eyes. And you can make a gruel from it, enrich it with oils or herbs, and use it as a mask against bags under the eyes. In any case, it will work well.
  • Root the parsley in a blender, mix with dry green tea and dilute with boiling water until pasty. Leave to mix well and steam up. You can enrich the composition with oils, vitamins in the oil solution, and at the same time, and so you can look after the skin around the eyes. Then apply to the area under the eyes for half an hour.

Folk Remedies for Wrinkles around the Eyes

Folk remedies for the skin around the eyes, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and struggling with the already existing, or rather their diversity – the evidence that in all ages’ people cared about their own beauty and appearance. And, since plastic surgeons did not exist at that time, the girls used the gifts of nature for beauty. And the ships of the chronicles, frescoes and paintings used quite successfully. That is why we will try to use their experience in our favor:

  • Your faithful friend and companion in the struggle for beauty will be oils. Use them to fight wrinkles near the eyes is in this form: chop parsley, sage; pour it with olive oil of cold pressing and stir; Pour the mixture into ice molds and freeze. Then wipe problem zones every night.
  • Ice in principle can reduce the appearance of aging and improve skin tone. Make medicinal ice from the herbs of medicinal herbs and wipe your face every morning, paying special attention to the area around the eyes.
  • Honey masks can be very useful against “crow’s feet”. Mix a spoonful of honey with a teaspoon of olive oil chopped on a coffee mug chamomile. Apply the mask to the problem area for half an hour.
  • Another good way for the disappearance of wrinkles in the corners of the eyes will be masks from the yolk, which it would be good to enrich with medicinal herbs, powdered, and oils.


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