Why You Should Start Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Why You Should Start Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe juice from the cold will help to overcome the ailment for adults and children. The benefits of aloe (it is also called a century-old) has been known for a long time. This plant was actively used by our ancestors to treat a variety of diseases. Aloe is also effective in the treatment of rhinitis. One of its advantages is the naturalness of the composition. That is why such homemade nasal drops from the juice of the century are useful. They practically have no contraindications, and they can be taken for a long time, and not just 3-4 days, like pharmacy analogues. Judging by the reviews, the tool is really effective and effective in application. It helps both adults and children. Treatment with this method really helps, as our grandmothers were convinced, actively using aloe for various purposes.

Product use and action

The benefits and effects of aloe will be of interest to all people who plan to use the plant for medicinal purposes. Practically any catarrhal disease, as well as an allergy, is accompanied by a runny nose, which manifests itself painfully and brings discomfort. Rhinitis leads to difficulty in breathing, nasal congestion. And this leads to the fact that a person cannot lead a habitual activity for himself.

Advice! You can make aloe juice yourself (you will learn about it later), and you can buy it in a pharmacy in the finished form. Choose which option is more preferable for you.

What is aloe? This is a plant that is perennial. It is grassy and leafy, has a short stalk with thick and fleshy leaves that grow diagonally. Often at the edges of the leaves there are sharp spikes, in some cases they can reach sixty centimeters in length (this depends on the age and dimensions of the plant).

Aloe is considered one of the most unpretentious plants. In extreme conditions, the plant clogs the pores of the peel, keeping moisture inside. This property allows the plant to easily tolerate even severe drought. That is why aloe is often called one of the most optimal houseplants, as there is no need for special care for this plant.


People have long known about the useful properties of plants. And today this is confirmed by modern research. This allows you to massively use the century in the medical, cosmetic and pharmacological spheres. Aloe is rich:

  • carbohydrates;
  • vitamins of group B, and individual C and E;
  • niacin;
  • folic acid;
  • amino acids;
  • polysaccharides (they activate the work of white blood cells, increase immunity);
  • beta-carotene;
  • essential oils;
  • enzymes;

Such a composition allows the plant to be famous for a significant number of useful properties, including antimicrobial, immune stimulating, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, purifying, protecting from toxins, bacteriological, wound healing. It is not surprising that the age-old is in demand for the treatment of rhinitis. In particular, the agent is able to combat inflammation and edema in rhinitis, to ensure good hydration of the nasal mucosa, which prevents the penetration of bacteria into the respiratory system.

Jelly juice of the plant is curative. It is used instead of nasal drops in rhinitis, which allows obtaining the following results:

  • destruction of the infection and removal of the edema of the mucosa due to the content of the vitamin complex;
  • increased immunity due to amino acids;
  • strengthening of blood vessels, because in the composition there are catechism;
  • stopping blood by having tannic compounds;
  • removal of allergic edema by the action of flavonoids;

Advantages of using aloe are quite a lot. In particular, the plant does not provoke addiction, quickly eliminates irritation of the mucosa, cleanses the sinuses, actively destroys viruses and microbes, increases the resistance of the immune system to diseases, and normalizes breathing. In the treatment of rhinitis, the juice penetrates deep inside, absorbed by the smallest blood vessels. A natural antibiotic helps neutralize toxins, prevents further infection. The remedy works almost instantly, which makes the product one of the best for treating such a problem.

How to Make Aloe Vera Juice from Fresh Aloe

Why You Should Start Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

This is not difficult, but it is important to observe a number of rules, namely:

  • take an adult aloe (he must be at least three years old);
  • until plucking the leaves, do not water the plant for at least 20 days;
  • Cut a thick leaf;
  • Rinse the leaf thoroughly with water (especially if the plant grows in a pot in the kitchen and evaporation settles on it);
  • Use a blender to grind the leaf and squeeze it (only juice is needed);
  • pour the juice into a bowl or a vessel and send it to the refrigerator;

Worth knowing! The most useful are the lower leaves of the plant, they are usually the most fleshy and watery.

Take into account that to create children’s drops should take a young leaf. It differs in that it practically does not burn. Bury the medication once a day. Dosage is one drop in each nostril. Not every of the following recipes is suitable for children. It is necessary to give preference only to the safest formulations, the likelihood of an allergic reaction, burning or other unpleasant sensations from which will be minimized.

Recipes at home


Take the leaves of aloe and chop them. It is convenient to do this with a meat grinder or blender. Press the prepared gruel with gauze. The liquid in a separate container should be placed in the refrigerator. After 10-12 hours it can be used, preheating to room temperature.


This method is considered more professional. Its dignity is the maximum healing effect, because it is based on bio stimulation. First you need to cut off the leaves of the plant, then cut them along and wrap them in parchment to exclude the effects of UV rays. Pack with parchment should be placed in the refrigerator or other cold place where the temperature is constantly maintained at 3-4 degrees. Leaves should be kept so for two and a half weeks. Then, the leaves can be removed from the pack, and the thick peel removed. It takes a core, which by this time has collected most of the jelly-like substance. The flesh should be carefully suppressed by means of an ordinary spoon, and then squeezed through gauze.

The composition should be stored in a cool and dark place.


You will need the lower leaves of the plant, which are ground to the state of gruel. Next to them should be added water so that its volume is three times the leaves. Then the composition should be allowed to stand for one and a half hours in a glass container and in the end filter.

Drops are ready. They can be stored in a cold place for two weeks.


To obtain drops, you need an onion, an aloe leaf and 50 ml of water. From both plants should squeeze the juice, then mix them with each other and dilute with water.

Drops are shown to adult patients. They should drip 2 drops in each nasal passage to three applications per day.


It will take a buckwheat honey in the amount of one tablespoon, two tablespoons of aloe juice and warm, purified water, which is taken in such quantity that a liquid consistency is obtained.

This drug should be instilled in each nasal passage of five drops 2.5-3 hours before going to bed.


The aloe Vera juice and carrot juice are mixed in equal amounts. It turns out an ideal tool for clearing the nose. You can add olive oil, which is pre-boiled and cooled. Oil should be taken in the amount of one-third of the mixture of juices.


The components that will be needed are for every house. Prepare five cloves of garlic by peeling them off the husk. Then the garlic transferred to glassware and filled with water. Insist the composition should be within four hours. In this case, the lid must be tightly closed. After this time, you need to filter the solution using a gauze folded into several layers. Then to the received solution it is necessary to add juice of an aloe in quantity of one table spoon and natural honey, melted on a water bath. The composition is thoroughly mixed until uniform. Bury drops need six drops in each nostril. The maximum number of procedures is eight times a day.

The ethereal

The composition of the product involves mixing between a gel-like liquid of aloe and tuya ether (five drops are enough). The remedy can be used immediately, digging 2-3 drops into each nostril up to four times a day.


It is prepared in the same way as a simple recipe for drops from aloe juice, but olive oil is added (it should be boiled beforehand). The latter should be taken in the amount of one part in two parts of the juice. The medicine should be instilled in a warm form in each nostril for 2-3 drops.

With briar and eucalyptus

Phytol extracts of eucalyptus and dog rose will be useful in rhinitis. First, you should prepare the aloe juice, reminiscent of a jelly-like mass. It should be poured on one fourth of a spoon of aromatic oil. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Next, you need to dip a cotton swab into the resulting liquid and insert it into the nostril, the second cotton swab should be inserted into the second nostril. Wadded compress should be held for four minutes, and then removed.


It will take a decoction of chamomile (15 ml is enough), a teaspoon of melted natural honey and 15 ml of aloe juice. Use this composition is necessary, digging into both nasal passages three drops of funds every four times a day.

All the drops of aloe in the nose are applied, like the pharmacy analog. Only certain species have their own peculiarities of application. They are described in the table. By the way, any of the above compositions can be further enriched with essential oil. One drop is sufficient for these dosages. And also you can add in a minimum amount of juice of onions or carrots. This allows you to get the most effective drug from rhinitis.

Advice! Do not harvest aloe juice for future use, since it is useful in fresh form. That’s why it’s rational to make drops for one day. At the same time, you need to take care of the preparation of the money the next day. After preparing one drop, immediately tear off the aloe leaf and send it to the refrigerator on the lower shelf. This will allow the next day to make juice out of it and no longer withstand liquid in a cold place throughout the night.


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