How to Improve Your Memory

How to Improve Your Memory

Reconsider your way of life

To memory in the winter time worked clearly, you need to tone up the whole body. It is not difficult to do this.

Start by revising the daily routine. Scientists have proved that during a long night in a person for 40-60 minutes, the need for sleep increases. Therefore, increase your “sleepy” schedule for an hour. Collection and cheerfulness during the day will more than pay off the minutes spent on rest.

To morning as soon as possible to cheer up, wipe the body with cold water. For a better toning effect, use a saline solution: two teaspoons of sea salt per liter of water. The body will come to life in a couple of minutes. Wipes can be replaced with a contrast shower.

Then it is not forbidden to drink a cup of coffee and easy to have breakfast. There is a need often, but little by little. In order for the brain to work clearly, you cannot starve. A lack of vitamins, proteins or carbohydrates will immediately affect your well-being. Therefore, to kill two birds with one stone – to lose weight and put in order the memory – you are unlikely to succeed. Just do not overeat and make sure that calories are consumed.

Do not forget about fitness, walking and swimming. During physical exertion, metabolism is activated, as a result of which the blood is actively saturated with oxygen. And one of the reasons for weakening memory is the poor supply of the brain with oxygen and nutrients.

Equip the workplace

For the productive work of the brain in the dark winter months, a good level of illumination of the room is very important. In the workplace it is desirable to use fluorescent tubes.

If the office is noisy and because of this you cannot concentrate, be sure to solve this problem. Perhaps in the minutes when you need to work with maximum attention, you will be allowed to use soft headphones with unobtrusive music.

Before the brainstorming, you can use aromatherapy. The tonic effect is possessed by oils of verbena, cloves, ylang-ylang, ginger, cinnamon, juniper, thyme and sage. They can be used both separately and in a mixture.

Train memory and focus on computer simulators

On the Internet, you can easily find programs to improve memory and attention, which are used by airport dispatchers, train drivers and even astronauts.

If these methods for some reason do not suit you, some computer games will also fit. Only they should be directed not at dexterity of hands, but on the development of mindfulness and logical thinking.

How to Improve Your Memory

But be careful. In total, computer memory training should not take more than 45 minutes a day. And even this time it is desirable to break into 2-3 reception. Otherwise, the appearance of fatigue, and instead of improving the brain, you will get the opposite effect.

Use psychological techniques

It has long been noted that by performing special mental exercises, you can make your brain for a decade younger than it is supposed to be by age. The main principle is to regularly stimulate the frontal lobe, which is responsible for memory, attention, sense of humor and the decision-making process.

Psychologists are advised to learn how to create associations for better memorization. For example, you need to remember a list of things that you are going to buy. Write it on a piece of paper and assign each item its own label. Associations can be any – visual, tactile auditory. It depends on what type you belong to and what organ of feelings you most clearly perceive the world.

For so-called visuals, the association can become a landscape that they see during their daily walk. And audial will better remember the purchases, “tagged” with their favorite musical compositions. The creation of associations involves additional neural chains and improves memory.

If it is difficult for you to give the training material, first review it and make a note in your head or on paper. Note which points in the text are the most important, and form a mental image of the material. And then carefully read it whole. The prefabricated structure facilitates memorization.

For better perception of the text it is recommended to repeat it shortly before going to bed. So the information will be better stored in memory. It will not mix with other impressions, which during the day usually overlap and distract our attention.

Another famous method of memory training is concentration on small things. In periods when you are not very loaded with problems, train your attention. Has it ever happened to you that you traveled from home to work and did not remember a single detail of the trip? Then the game “in Sherlock Holmes” – for you.

Learn to pay attention to seemingly unnecessary details – the hairstyle of fellow travelers, car numbers, billboards and such trifles. Then reproduce these images in your memory in a day or two. So, both attention and memory ability are activated.
Do respiratory gymnastics

Improvement of memorization and concentration of attention can be achieved with the help of deep breathing. Before responsible work it is enough to allocate for this only five minutes.

Take a deep breath and hold the air for five seconds. At the moment of holding your breath, squeeze your fists with force. Then exhale slowly through the mouth and relax your hands. Do this exercise five times. And you immediately feel that it’s easier to concentrate.

Take vitamins and adaptogens

One of the reasons for the weakening of memory and attention may be the winter lack of vitamins. For the brain is important not only vitamin C, but also B vitamins, and lecithin, and many other biologically active substances. Therefore, taking multivitamins in a number of cases can help to concentrate and cease to mope.

Choose complexes that include vitamins and microelements. A new biologically active additive to food, created specifically to improve memory.
Excellent result in tone and plant adaptogens. The most powerful stimulants of memory and attention are tinctures of aralia, magnolia vine, ginseng, extract of rhodiola rosea. But be careful: in sensitive people, these drugs can cause insomnia, and hypertensive patients – increased blood pressure. “Eleutherococcus extract, ginkgo biloba preparations and tincture of zamaniha act more” gently “.

On the basis of adaptogens and vitamins, a lot of dietary supplements and medications have been created. In addition to improving mental and physical performance adaptogens gently stimulate the immune system, give courage, help reduce the negative effects of stress. They act quickly, the effect is noted after a few hours after ingestion.

Check your health and pick up pills

If all the above methods of effect are not given, it is worth exploring. Deterioration of memory can be a manifestation of hidden diseases: hypertension, anemia, diabetes, atherosclerosis, depression. Well-chosen treatment of these ailments will immediately give a tangible effect.

In addition, the doctor can prescribe drugs that improve metabolic processes in the brain. They belong to the group of nootropics. Most of them are dispensed in pharmacies on prescription.

To the effect of treatment was noticeable, preparations for “feeding” the brain should be taken in courses, for 1-3 months. As a rule, they have a minimum of side effects and are well tolerated by patients.

Another group of drugs that stimulate the brain, are drugs that expand the cerebral vessels. They are also used after the examination and according to the doctor’s prescription.


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