The Basic Rules to Start Running

The Basic Rules to Start Running

There is no doubt that human health directly depends on his desire and ability to maintain his physical form in the right tone. It is not surprising that those people who regularly exercise in the morning, who know the right technique of running, usually do not experience serious health problems and look attractive enough.

Today, there are many opportunities to maintain their physical shape in tone. In particular, for many years, one of the simplest and most economical ways to maintain your physical fitness is normal with dumbbells.

About the benefits of running in the morning for losing weight

Run in the morning for weight loss is one of the simplest and most effective ways to maintain a person’s physical shape, including run with dumbbells in their hands. So, to lose weight with the help of running is quite real. Running in the morning for weight loss has become a habit for many people inclined to fullness, because many doctors recommend losing weight.

From the advice of doctors in the event that you decide to lose weight, do not give up. Moreover, a doctor who knows the state of health of his patient can advise – how to properly run in the morning, choose the right load, tell what muscles work when running with dumbbells – that is, when and how much to run, how to breathe. Knowing how to breathe when run, this will help most effectively load your body and achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

The Basic Rules to Start Running

Understanding what should be the correct technique of running for weight loss, understanding what muscles work when running with dumbbells in your hands, will also help you to most effectively use the load to solve other health problems, not just overweight. Improvement of blood circulation due to regular jogging with dumbbells helps to load those muscles that need it. And the knowledge of how to breathe correctly when running with dumbbells in your hands, helps oxygenate all cells of the body, which provides a general health effect and weight loss, as a result of the efforts expended.

Therefore it is necessary to understand that, despite the external simplicity, the correct technique of running for weight loss is the fastest way to fight against existing diseases, or prevention of possible health problems in the future. Especially if you want to lose weight by running.

Run in the morning for weight loss and health can be practiced almost anywhere and at any time of the year. The choice of the time and place of jogging with dumbbells for weight loss is selected based on the work schedule of the person and his residence, and, as a rule, does not cause any difficulties. For jogging with dumbbells do not require any special conditions or special equipment – enough comfortable clothing and shoes and knowledge of what muscles work when you run.

The correct technique of running for weight loss

Nevertheless, in order to run a run with dumbbells brought the greatest health benefits and result in losing weight, you must adhere to certain rules. Know what should be the correct technique of running. These rules are fairly simple, but the efficiency of running increases significantly. Below we list the main rules.

The Basic Rules to Start Running

  1. Each time start jogging for weight loss with walking for several minutes with proper breathing, with deep breaths and exhalations.
  2. Use only good shoes that can protect joints from bumps against the surface. Running shoes with dumbbells should be comfortable, light and springy. On legs for jogging with dumbbells is better to put on dense thick cotton socks.
  3. To protect knee and ankle joints from damage, try to run for weight loss on the grass or at the stadium on a soft running surface.
  4. Dress so that you feel comfortable when running for weight loss. In the cool season, do not run in shorts to avoid the risk of cooling leg joints.
  5. During the run, make a minimum of movements, that is, do not bounce, minimize the fluctuations of the body relative to the ground. Run should be economical, but active work by hands should be.
  6. How to breathe correctly when running. During the run, perform deep breaths and exhalations, thus saturating the blood with oxygen. If you start to choke too much, this will mean that you are not ready for the chosen run speed, so you need to reduce this speed. And consider your knowledge of how to breathe when running with dumbbells.
  7. Do not run for weight loss at a distance of more than 2-3 kilometers, unless you are preparing for any competition. Running is one of the means of keeping oneself in shape, but not the main kind of load.
  8. The slogan for weight loss and health should end with a smooth slowing down of the run and the transition to slowing down walking for several minutes.
  9. Running with dumbbells for weight loss is enough 3-4 times a week, so as not to overload the joints.
  10. During running for weight loss it is important to breathe fresh clean air, so try not to run along roads or in areas where industrial enterprises are located.

Well, finally, you need to clearly know the biomechanical rules of running for weight loss and health, as well as what muscles work when running. During running for weight loss the body should be slightly tilted forward, the chin should be lowered to the chest, not stooped, the chest should be set forward. Hands should be bent at the elbows, holding their fists in front of the chest, and actively work them back and forth in time to run. During the movement, it is necessary to step on the heel and transfer the weight to the toe, and if acceleration is necessary, it is necessary to increase not the frequency of the rearrangement of the legs, but the width of the step.

These are the most basic rules of running for weight loss and health with dumbbells, which are not at all difficult to observe, but they will not only help to increase the efficiency of running, but also to receive sincere pleasure from it.


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