Minimalism & Diet: Simplify Your Food, Simplify Your Life

Minimalism & Diet: Simplify Your Food, Simplify Your Life

Kitchen – the sphere of life, where the minimalism in my house reached last. However, this category requires much more frequent purchases than any other. How to be a minimalist in food? And, where is more important, is it worth it?

According to UN studies, a third of food on the planet is thrown out. At one time, the article with this statistics shocked me very much. Then mistrust and curiosity followed – I started, for the present only passively, to watch what I throw out and how much I buy. And I learned a lot about myself …

A month without excess

Before the beginning of the  Month without purchases, the  most important item was the food category. Half a year watching my habits, I thought that it was she who would give me the hardest.

I adore reading in coffee shops, to test new restaurants with friends, to look after the gymnasium in my favorite Chinese “dumplings”.

My fridge is just a tribute to the food industry marketers. I like to try the weirdest foods from around the world, and the shelves in the kitchen sag under the weight of exotic spices.

Food at home

To buy spinach or strawberry instead of a half-finished product is not difficult. But along with the transition to a more conscious food, you have to change not only the shelves to which the hand in the store stretches …

Healthy foods will not be weeks or even days waiting for their time in the closet or refrigerator. If you make large reserves – inevitably there will be large waste products from spoiled products.

The conclusion suggests itself – you need to buy more often and less.

But modern packaging and chemical preparations of the food industry have spoiled us. Who now wants to spend the evenings in grocery, when there are so many cases? After all, you can go once a week, buy a bunch of everything for storage and store houses. Or just have lunch in a cafe when there really is not time.

That’s how a conscious diet, which I declared to myself back in May, in a non-minimalist version, resulted in more colored smusi and purchased salads.

And then I finally decided to let the minimalism into my kitchen …

How to apply the ideas of minimalism in the refrigerator?

As in everything else, minimalism in nutrition helped to find the most important through maximum simplification. What seemed like a problem for months seemed to require only minimal planning and awareness.

Enough of a simple meal schedule for several days and buying products on the list. If you plan with the mind, then daily trips to the grocery are not required. The first in the queue for cooking are always dishes from quickly spoiled products. Next are those that can be stored longer.

“It bought itself.” Eating out

If the right meal at home requires consciousness only during the trips to the grocery, then the second huge category of nutrition in my life was waiting for temptations every time I leave the house.

Active schedule of the day and many cases – it is often a lack of sleep and missed lunch hours. In such circumstances it is easy to succumb to fleeting whims to buy yourself something sweet-chemical or harmful-tasty.

In a month Shopping detox, if I leave the house for more than two hours, the bag always contains an apple or a pear. On a working day, besides lunch, I pick up a mountain of fruit, salads or other snacks from home. In cases of “well, there is absolutely no time” in the kitchen, there are always ingredients for very light and quick cooking.

Intermediate results

By the end of the second week of the project, I mastered the art of home dinners quite tolerably.

Technical issues went into the routine category. Now I do not buy food simply out of curiosity. The desire to go to a cafe for a walk was no longer an urgent need, and purchased snacks were replaced by healthier fruits.

Instead of investigating the shelves in the stores, I began to better recognize the bowels of my own (and found myself unconsciously ready for the apocalypse – with such a supply of food when invading zombie aliens, you just can not stick out of the house).

And although I miss the opportunity to read in a cafe or write a new article there, on the whole, a month with minimal purchases of food is given much easier than expected.


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